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Without wasting your time and money, and using a proven advertising system that guarantees results.

10X Your Student Enrollment This Semester...

If you’re looking to reach more parents, increase your enrolment levels and position your Kindergarten as the leading daycare centre in your area

Then we’d like to invite you to learn more about our V2O Kindergarten Plus mini bus van and seatback advertising model.

You see, with more Kindergartens in Hong Kong than ever before, it’s VITAL you make your Kindergarten stand out…

Boost Your Brand’s Exposure and Increase Engagement

And using our state-of-the-art bus and seatback advertising system, we help you stand out from the competition, letting you easily, quickly and affordably attract parents to your centre and get them to send their kids to your Kindergarten.

Based in Hong Kong, we serve all districts. We offer incredibly affordable min bus van and seatback advertising to drive parents to learn more about your Kindergarten – and why it’s the safest and best daycare centre around – and, best of all, our highly-effective advertising system works… at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising campaigns.

How It Works

We offer advertising for your Kindergarten on all mini bus van lines and routes throughout Hong Kong. Routes are chosen depending on the location of your education centre.

#1 Full Ad Van Coverage

We place full ad coverage, advertising your Kindergarten on public light buses throughout Hong Kong. We’ll work with you to come up with powerful branding to maximize visibility and make sure as many parents as possible want to find out more about your centre.


#2 Seatback Marketing

Our state-of-the-art seatback marketing method means millions of parents see your Kindergarten’s name every single day – carefully placed adverts means everyone riding public light buses will know about your education centre and want to find out more.

#3 Take One Box Trapping

We’ll create tailored, personalised leaflets that people can take, telling them more about you Kindergarten and why it’s the #1 destination for them to send their kids.


Easily Win The Hearts of Parents in Hong Kong...

Here at V2O Kindergarten Plus we help food Kindergartens like yours increase enrollment levels by 10X – using our new, powerful and geographically-targeted advertising solution.

Using our mini bus van and seatback advertising mode, we ensure your Kindergarten is getting in front of as many parents as possible, while showing them why your daycare centre is the best option for their children.

We carefully position all advertising creatives on mini bus vans – including handy QR codes and short links that go straight to your contact form or booking form… or to let parents easily download a digital guide book, so they can quickly learn more about your school and the services you offer…

And you can then track – online – all enquiries. Once a parent makes an enquiry,  you’ll get instant confirmation, via email or SMS. V2O Kindergarten Plus, you can check all the statistics in real-time, so you know exactly how many potential enrollments you have – 24/7.

Take A Look At V2O Kindergarten Plus For Yours...

Here’s just some of the snaps we’ve helped create for our clients…

Why Choose Us?

Here at V2O Kindergarten Plus we offer all of our clients an exceptional advertising service that harnesses the power of offline marketing while combining it with online technology.

Our extensive industry experience ensures Kindergartens like yours attracts more parents, increases enrollment numbers and gets exposure… and our team of experts will build your advertising campaigns from scratch to make sure you’re getting in front of parents in the right districts.

Our advertising experts will work with you to ensure your Kindergarten is advertised on the right mini buses van, in the right way to maximize leads, all while helping you get the best value for money.

Find out more and discover how we can help your Kindergarten enroll 10X more students this semester – click below to get started!


Book V2O Kindergarten Plus For YOURS

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V2O Combo Package

Purchase V2O Combo HK$27,800 of “Whole Van Body” & “Automation Flow“,
Landing Page Pack“(Value : HK$3,000) will be Free of Charge.

Whole Van Body

HK$ 18,000 6-Month Duration / Public Light Bus
  • Printing Production Cost is Included
  • Installation & Dismantle Cost is Included
  • Report Photo will be provided
  • Test Print Arrangement : Extra HK$1,000 per Test Print
  • Whole Van Design Service : Extra HK$3,000 per Layout



Automation Flow

HK$ 9,800 3-Month Duration
  • Form Automation
  • Automation Flow : 600 flow
  • Max Submission : 600
  • Default Submission Form
  • Form Fields : 30 field
  • Automation Flow Core
  • SMS Character Limit : 160
  • Default Email Content Template
  • Default SMS Content Template
  • Lead Excel List Report
  • Online Report
  • Submission Success Email Notification
  • Submission Success SMS Notification
  • New Submission Email Notification
  • New Submission SMS Notification
  • Confirmation Email Notification
  • Confirmation SMS Notification



Landing Page

HK$ 3,000 3-Month Duration
  • Form Automation
  • Rental Period : 3 Months
  • Hosting : Free
  • Storage Space : 5GB
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 50 x Landing Page Template
  • Connect to Automation Flow
Bonus Add-On