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Get Your Education Centre In Front Of The RIGHT Parents and Enroll More Students Through The Power Of Mini Bus Advertising

Easily Enroll 10X More Students This Semester!

Our V2O Education Plus advertising package is one of the most effective ways to attract new enrollments to your education centre this semester and get parents to know about your institution. In the past, setting up advertising campaigns was expensive, stressful and tiresome…

But now, you can get the best value for money – and easily get 10X more students enrolling at your education centre this semester – using our public light bus advertising. Get your institution in front of the eye’s of thousand of parents at a fraction of the cost associated with other advertising solutions.

Based in Hong Kong, we serve all districts. Our proprietary marketing system uses effective offline mini bus van advertising to showcase to parents WHY your education centre can best serve their child, before getting them to submit an online enquiry.

How It Works

Attract the right students and show parents why your education centre is their best choice, easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. Our V2O Education Plus advertising service is comprised of three core parts:

#1 Full Ad Van Coverage

We offer full ad coverage on public buses throughout the city. We’ll figure out which mini buses van to advertise on, and which routes to target.


#2 Seatback Marketing

Get your education centre in front of thousand of parents; we place your ads on the back of all seats on the min bus van – in positions potential parents can’t miss!

#3 Take One Box Trapping

Our “Take One Box” solution is a proven way for bus riders to learn more about your education centre – and what you offer. We’ll carefully place the box to maximize the number of people who take a leaflet.


A Targeted Online Advertising Solution That Guarantees to 10X Your Student Enrollment This Semester!

Here at V2O Education Plus, our goal is to help YOU show parents why your education centre is their best option… before turning them into an online lead – making an enquiry to learn more about your school.

Our state-of-the-art advertising solution directs mini bus van riders and onlookers to visit your website and request more information about your education centre.

This is achieved by placing your institution’s URL on mini buses van, seatbacks and leaflets, along with a handy QR code or short link to a mini site with your contact or booking form or download link to your centre’s brochure. Anyone can scan this code quickly and easily with their mobile phone.

Parents are then taken directly to your website where they complete an application with their name, phone number and email.

Once a new parent has applied you’ll get instant confirmation, via email or SMS. PLUS, you can check all the statistics in real-time, so you know exactly who’s applying – and from where.

Take A Look At V2O Kindergarten Plus For Yours...

Here’s just some of the snaps we’ve helped create for our clients…

Why Choose Us?

Here at V2O Education Plus we offer all of our clients an exceptional advertising service that harnesses the power of offline marketing while combining it with online technology.

Our extensive industry experience ensures educational centres like yours can get in front of new parents… and we know exactly how to get your education centre maximum exposure, for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising solutions.

Our advertising experts will work with you to ensure your education centre is advertised on the right mini buses van, in the right way to maximize leads, all while helping you get the best value for money.

Find out more and discover how we can 10X YOUR student enrollment numbers this semester – fast and cost-effectively – by clicking below:


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V2O Kindergarten Plus Entire Pack

HK$ 3500/month (6-Month commitment)
  • Form Automation
  • Online Automation Form
  • Auto Notification - SMS
  • Auto Notification - Email
  • Auto Notification - Whatsapp
  • Form Customization
  • Calculation Field Setting
  • Upload Field Setting
  • Signature Field Setting
  • Reminder Automation
  • Conversational Form Service
  • Customer Care
  • Priority Virtual Assistant
  • Site Theme
  • Responsive Minisite
  • Template Design Theme
  • 10 Block Design
  • Hosting
  • Default Short URL
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Bandwidth Unlmited
  • Storage Space : 500MB
  • Option Service
  • Custom Domain
  • Dedicated IP
  • Cloudflare CDN Service
  • Website Migration Service
  • Gsuite Email Service
  • Ehancement
  • SEO Service
  • EDM Service